What happens when a very creative person and a very idiotic person come face to face? And mind you both of them are adamant and know how to have their way. So who do you think will win? The answer lies in these two images.

Udta Punjab leaked

Censor copy leakes 2 day before release

So this happened yesterday! But why? And what does this have to do with the analogy above is what you are thinking. So for those who don’t know what's happening in this country for the past 2 weeks, it's been a metaphorical Civil War: Anurag Kashyap v/s Censor Board (Pahlaj Nihalani) edition. Censor Board first banned the movie, then they wanted them to drop the word "Punjab" from the title, and then they asked for 83 cuts (could've been 86 but basically, they wanted to convert a full-length movie into a gif). They also wanted to beep out all the swear words and the mention of any of the real cities in the The-One-That-Can-Now-Be-Named state of Punjab. And why so? Because the story shows the actual situation of the state. How the youth of Punjab is under the influence of drugs, a fact backed by the numbers given by the government last year.
Drugs scenario in Punjab 1

Drug Scenario in Punjab 2

Drug Scenario in Punjab 3

So the Censor Board banned a movie, what's new in that? Well, it was a movie produced by Anurag Kashyap, and he isn’t someone who would stay idle. I know even his films have been banned in the past. But, that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t fight for his rights. And he did, after a week full of arguments and debates in the courtroom, the High Court of Mumbai cleared the movie with just one minor cut and showed CBFC their place. CBFC were sternly told that their only job was to certify a film and not ban it or demand cuts in it.

But Pahlaj Nihalani being the person he is couldn’t just keep quiet and said: "doors for the films with obscene, vulgar content are open now." Of course, as the court said, "The audience born after the 1980s is mature enough to handle this kind of content." But, the very next day when CFBC had to give the movie an A certificate due to the court order, the thing in the first pic happened. Yes, the copy of the movie submitted to the Censor Board leaked online, that too, just 2 days before the release of the film. So it’s very evident that someone wanted to have the last laugh. Not putting any pointless blames, but he has done stuff in the past which can actually make you believe that he can do this. For example, reducing the kiss in the James Bond movie, Spectre, to 13 seconds (wtf!), making this video. (Is he a 5th grader??) And this is the same guy who made movies which had songs like Khada hai khada Hai khada hai or scenes like this.
Aankhen Ilzaam Aag ka gola

And even if he says that he is not involved in the leak, which he naturally will, he should be subjected to it because he is the Censor Board chief. He is in charge of the office, and if something wrong is happening in his office then obviously he is the one who should be held responsible. And this is not the first time something like this has happened. Manjhi, Sairat, Dagdi Chawl and Mohalla Assi were also leaked. And all of them were censor copies.

It is high time that piracy be stopped and also high time that Pahlaj be held responsible for the issue. Being a Modi fanboy shouldn’t be the qualification one needs to be at a prestigious position in the creative field. So decide for yourself and if you think it's time CBFC gets a better head, feel free to sign this online petition that we support. The petition

Image courtesy: Phantom films, AIB, Pahlaj Nihalani