Has there ever been a group of friends which has always been equal in terms of everything? Success, brains, popularity, money, stupidity? No, right? So, since we all aren’t equal, do we ever think that their opinions don’t matter? Hell no! Why? Because they’re friends and the fact how you appeal to a random public who isn’t as similar to you as you think it is, is insanely important. In simple words, validation from a Sharma Ji ain’t the shit today, your “hearts” on Instagram is.

Were you the kind of person in high school who always thought that I’d give anything if just one person admits to have had a crush on me? Or were you the kind who thought, “Ugh, please! Let me be!”? Weren’t you the one who thought that life would be a little better if you just had the kind of looks your best friend has? And if you had looks, you enjoyed the attention for so long that you lost your place and wanted to be more than that. We always, always want to be more than what we are. More beautiful, more sexy, more intelligent, more natural. We want to be more natural! What is more natural? Waking up in the morning without a single strand of hair out of its place? That shit ain’t real, bitch!
Reading this, you must be thinking, “Oh! This is such a girl problem”. It is because if they wear makeup, they aren’t real, and if they don’t, they’re ugly. But it isn’t just limited to the female group. Girls are told every single day to embrace themselves the way they are, but they have eyes only for the guys with guitars, or abs, don’t they? Who looks at a fat guy? He’s too short! Too much hair, too less hair, nerd, not funny, girly!
We all have faced rejection in one way or the other, from strangers and relatives alike. We all know well that both of these groups have nothing to do with us and hardly know a thing about us, but we take their opinion very seriously.


Because people body shame people, who have eating disorders. They also body shame people who gained a lot of weight because of the side effects of an antibiotic meant to save them.

Because people call others fake when they try to fit in and are unable to accept the real person when they're just themselves.

Because people will never stop making nerd jokes, dumb jokes, or gay jokes which apparently will hurt you even though it was all in good humor.
This, right here, is the reason we thrive so much for validation. This kind of validation. Is it healthy? No. Does it work for a long time? Absolutely not. Do we ever stop wanting it? Are you kidding me!

But, if I made you think even once about your needs, I will write another article about how to tackle it. Because that’s what is important.