Hello, friends! I'm timing myself here so don't interrupt if you will.

We, at StaleCoffee, are a bunch of lazy people who often forget that they've got a website to run. We sometimes also forget that we've got bills to pay and no money at our disposal. Some of us may have a bike or two to sell but personally, I don't see that happening.

Anyway, since we're always running short on content (you could apply if you want to. Editor's note: We're crazy. Who am I kidding? I am the editor. Also, we're crazy.), we decided it was high time we just sent it out without wasting any of our time or yours. We decided to do, the "Done in 15 minutes" series.

I don't know how I'm going to sell a series about being done in 15 minutes in a matter of 15 minutes. I know I'm not helping. I know I babble and I don't stay focused when it comes to conversations. And I know this probably will suck and we'll end up offending you more than we ever have, given how real it's all going to be. But, just hear me out, okay.

Now, here's how it's going to work. We're going to write, read, and edit a piece in a mere 15 minutes and put it up. The said piece could be written by any one of our writers and that's why, you'll have a good time judging who's the best of us all.

The topics will have absolutely no range. It'll be like our "social media stories", only that they'll last forever. We will come here, sit, and talk (rant) about almost anything we can think of. Straight up, we could be writing all of this from our phones in the local train and you wouldn't know about it. Oops, though.

Why we're doing this? We got no idea at all. Is this "art"? I don't think so. However, it's an opinion. About anything and everything. Because at StaleCoffee, it doesn't matter what opinion you have unless you're following one instead of having one. Or if you think Badshah turns 90s songs into classics.

We understand this may not be art. It doesn't involve us writing a minimum of 3 starts of an article and then, going for a 4th one. It doesn't involve us struggling with the end of it like it's going to be the best thing ever. It doesn't involve the struggle and anxiety of, at least, having something to write about. We know, this doesn't have the amount of effort put into it as you'd like in a legit literary piece but hey, it's stuff we sought out important enough to talk about (from our 24 hours. I mean it could really be my grocery list but you don't read our stuff anyway so). This section would be like our very own diary, and hey, who doesn't like to read diaries!

Anyway, the point is, this series is going be as raw as it gets. It'll be offensive, critical, sad, more sad, happy, giddy, drugged, depressed, and well, our favorite emotion, angry. But it'll be all of us, who are highly likely to be like you, except for the great looks of one particular writer we have*. But, it'll be. So, try giving it a chance and see how it goes.

PS: We are so not doing this because of our lack of content. We're creative as fuck. Trust us. Okay, don't. But, urgh, forget it.

*Clue: He's the teacher-association-chosen most eligible bachelor of his college.