Faith has been under speculation for as long as it has been in the picture. The obligation of trust hasn’t reciprocated to us humans in the way we’d have wanted, not all the time at least. It’s weird how a word as sane as faith is itself one of the most chaotic things ever created by humans, isn’t it? Sure, faith has served us well a lot of times. It has boosted our confidence, fought with our conscience, and therefore, has been a huge part of us. But, hasn’t there been a time where we have been defined by nothing, but our faith? Haven’t there been incidences when we haven’t thought beyond it? Or haven’t there been situations when it has actually fought against our conscience?
Love has always been in the need of a trigger. A simple gesture, an act of kindness, or something huge, but faith hardly ever needed one. It just belonged to somebody like their personal idea. Patent. Copyright. Even two people who share the same faith would pursue it very differently from each other. It’s just how you perceive yourself. And therefore, your bound trust.

Have you ever thought how hard is it to rip off somebody’s faith and murder their idea, cell by cell, piece by piece? Ever thought how much of destruction the loss simply creates? We have had incidences where the calling of our faith has led us nowhere (or rather everywhere), and when someone has taken that little piece of themselves, away from them, nothing short of hell has broken loose. I cannot give you any incidence in particular because each one of us will relate this simplest of ideas to something they have experienced first-hand. What is the memory that struck you first?

So, tell me, again, is our faith is what defines us? Are we nothing apart from that? Do we not mean a penny? Haven’t we created anything for us to expand our horizons? Think of something else, something better? I guess we have not. Because the lack of conditions faith possesses gives us humans what we look for our whole life. A sense of security nobody could ever give us. The desire to dive into the deepest of seas with the absolute confidence that we’ll be okay. It runs deep in our bones and promises not to leave us even in the face of death, or worse, our identity crisis.
Faith. The word sounds so serene and hopeful; someone could just live by it more than it could live by the presence of oxygen.

Just like the creators believed that destruction didn’t exist.

Image Courtesy: Sushobhan Patnaaik. Follow him. Seriously.