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It has been found, that time is just another dimension, like the other three we live in. But we seem to be stuck in it, and doomed to move in just one direction. The direction we perceive to be forward.

Somewhere in time

“What’s your name?”

…… silence …..

“OK. You don’t wanna tell. That’s fine”

4 Years Ago

“So, this is it” He said ushering her into his new apartment, "How do you like it?” He said almost gleefully.

“It’s pretty nice” said Lilly. “Someone’s a big boy now”

“And someone’s half broke. But worth it!”

She hadn’t seen him so happy in ages. It had been a harsh couple of years, but he had stayed strong. He recovered from all the damage he took from her, like a champ.

Look at him. He’s gonna be just fine

“So, this is where I’ll keep my guitar, and I’m planning to buy a better amp…….”

He was happy.

5 Years Ago

“You can’t keep doing this to yourself” She said trying to pick up the dead weight that was his sloshed body.

“I’m OK. Don’t kill yourself, love”

“This is the third time this month, that I’ve found you sloshed out of your mind outside your apartment”

“Oooh. Someone’s a stalker”

She dropped him. “Fuck You”

“Don’t be mad. I’m sorry” he said, making the best puppy face he could make ( Which ended up looking like a dying moose face). “You know I love you, Lilly”

“I’m tired of trying to save you from yourself”


“Asshole” she said, realizing, he had already passed out.

3 Years Ago

“You need to start dating again, you know” He looked into his the smooth whiskey older than he was. “No”
The look of grace on her face, turned stern “Then maybe I should”
“Maybe you should” He said, still not looking up from his glass. She wanted to say something. She even opened her mouth to splurt it out. But she didn’t.
She got up, fixed her hair up and walked towards the door.
“Lilly” He said, finally looking up; “It’s 3 in the morning. Stay” Lilly stopped.

Free Fall

Should've said goodbye to her