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Free Fall

Time still isn’t moving fast enough

Should’ve seen her face just one more time

Some Other Time

“Been sober all last week”

“I’m proud of you”

“Hasn’t been an easy week”

“Threw all the bottles away like I told you to?”

“If only it was just the bottles”


“That a medical term, Doctor?”

“I see sobriety has brought some humor back into you” He smiled. Doesn’t recall the last time he did.

5 Years Ago – Lilly’s Place

Bell rings

No answer

“Babe, I’m sorry!”

No answer

“I’ve been a massive ass to you, I promise I’ll make it up to you!!”

No answer

“Lilly! Open up!”

“Open up, or I start stripping right in front of your house”

No answer

“You asked for it”

He undoes the first few buttons of his shirt.

“Easy tiger” Startled, he turns around just to see the lady from across the isle.

He looks at her confused and embarrassed.

“As much as I’d enjoy seeing this, I feel obliged to tell you, it’s a Tuesday. People go to work generally. So does Lilly”

I’m an idiot

“Yes, you are” she says and shuts the door

That Evening

“Yes, you are” she said trying hard not to break into a smile. But half of it did escape her lips.

“Well, what was I to do? I’m a deadbeat writer, how do you expect me to remember what you regular people do?”

“Regular people? That’s a funny way to address someone who has the ultimate say over what you call your writing”

“Sorry, Boss Lady. 9 to 5 people sound better?”

“That’s nowhere close to my hours, but it’s an improvement”

“Wanna go get a real drink?”

Her face turned stern, and her eyes sad.

“Coffee is good for now”

“I guess” shame crept into his eyes

7 Years Ago

“Here, have a drink” Lilly said, looking at a broken man, a broken friend, “Might help”

“Technically, alcohol is a solution” he said picking up the glass reluctantly

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