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8:00 PM

Him: Hey, I’ll be there in 10. Don’t be late.

20 Mins Later

Him: Stuck in traffic. Hope I’m not making you wait too much.

15 Mins Later

You have a missed call from Him.

15 Mins Later

Him: I’ve been waiting for the last 10 mins. Hit me back once you get this?

5 Mins Later

Him: Seriously. Where are you? At least drop me a text, dammit.

10 Mins Later

You have 2 missed calls from Him

Him: Pick up the call. Just tell me if you don’t wanna meet up.

5 Mins Later

Him: Babe, this isn’t cool.

Him: I’ll wait another 10 mins, and then I’m splitting.

10 Mins Later

You have 5 missed calls from Him.

Him: For fuck’s sake, woman. Is this some kind of a revenge thing for me being late all those times?

Him: All I wanted was to meet up and have a clean end. But you just have to be a bitch about everything, don’t you? Be it me having a female friend I’d hang out with, or a couple of drinks I have with a friend. You always have to have your way and make me feel like shit. Goddammit, woman. I was right to dump you. Should’ve slept with those chicks you kept cribbing about, ‘cause they liked my profile picture. Things couldn’t have gotten any worse than this, right?


Him: Fuck it. Bye

On the other side of the block

She re-hooks her bra while pulling her panties on the side of the bed, with her toe. Last night, the guy she had had as her support for the last five months, had given her what she didn’t even know she could crave with someone else. She looks up to see her “best friend’s” bare butt, as he walked into the shower.

It dawns on her, that she might have fucked up something for good. They’d never just go back to being friends.
Having a moment of silence with herself, she catches a glimpse of the clock on the wall. A pile of bricks falls on her, as she realizes she’s fucked up more than she had initially anticipated.

She rushes to her phone and gets shattered to bits, going through the texts he had sent. Each one feeling like a blow to the gut, she sat down with a broken spleen.

Hands shaking, she types back

Her: I’m so sorry, honey. I promise I’ll make it up to you. Got stuck with work. Lost track fo time. Plz Forgive me.

Her: of*


“Hey, wanna join in?” calls out a voice from inside the shower

Well, shit couldn’t get any worse anyway, she sighed.

“As long as the water’s warm”, she smiled.