It’s a Saturday night and I am sitting at home staring at my laptop screen liking random memes most of which have cats swearing in Hindi. I don’t know what is more disturbing, having no social life or being broke in the middle of the month at just 22. As if my life wasn’t miserable enough, my dad decides to have a conversation with me.

“How come you are home on a Saturday?”

“Oh. It's just those society bills and your medicine expenses.”

“Do you need some money?" making his angry face which never ever frightened me.

“The ones I gave you three days back? No, dad! That’s for you so that you can blow it all up in your temple”

self Hi5

“Shree, there is a problem with the songs you put in my mobile the other day” shifting topics he handed his Nokia 111 to me. Nokia 111 is the '1100' of today

“What now? I just spoke to Subash uncle couple of hours ago. His playlist worked just fine.”

I had compiled a Mohd. Rafi playlist for an uncle recently. And on the umpteenth request transferred it to my dad's phone as well. Also, it was a 100 songs playlist

"But it's like I am hearing the same songs again and again. The same voice all over."

"That, Dad, is because it is all sung by the same singer. It's a Md. Rafi collection remember."

Why always me?

"Beta, should I add some 'G' to my mobile? How much does it cost?"

"WHAT?" Some deep shit ahead. Again, Why always me?

"Some space that you need for songs. you always talk about some 'G' something."

"Memory, And it's GB not G, Dad! And you have enough of space."

"But I heard Airtel 4GB is needed for more songs."

This was all that was left

"Dad, it's Airtel 4G. 4G is different, 4GB is different. Also your phone doesn't support 4G. You didn't want the phone which did."

"But I cannot handle touchscreen phones."

"Everything comes at a price. No smartphone, no 4G."

"Anyways leave that, just get me more songs. My type of songs."

"Dad, for the past 22 years I've never heard you hymn a tune nor listening to any song. So please care to explain your type of songs."

"I don't know. Maybe Carnatic music. Just make sure they have good lyrics."


"Dad, Carnatic music is usually no lyrics, just music. But why do you want to listen to songs all of a sudden?"

"Subash Uncle was telling he spends his retired life listening to songs he grew up listening to. I thought I'd do the same."

"But you never listened to songs growing up."

"So what? I know maybe download some Zakir Hussain songs for me."

"But..." and he walks away as I ask myself why always me?

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