Out of sight were those lines already blurred by passion that simmered for long enough

At the sight of her bathed in moon light, I refuse to see flaws

My glasses now tinted with rose, we belonged to one another. Guess the spirits had taken their toll

Hazy and Shaky, yes. But we knew what we were doing. The high was just an excuse to process with what we had decided the moment one laid eyes on the other

Dancing in tilted dimensions, our thoughts only get less muddled, With every bar we dance to the music of moans and sighs

The moon shone in your eyes,

And so did I

Collapsed in a heap of humanity, panting as we finally let go.

Ears ringing and head buzzing, the next thing we feel is the sun light hitting us bare

The spirits were done. Leaving us in charge again..
Buzzing right back to consciousness.. We get ourselves together.. Morphing back into the drones we were..

A shower and new clothes later, I ask the question that has loomed amidst us throughout the night...
"what was your name again?"