Rubber Bullets on to a Steel Armour,
My words don't even leave a dent,
You're disgusted that I can't fly,
When my ship awaits at the harbour

I drown in guilt for being all that's me
on the rare occasion we lock eyes,
I've figured out the pattern of the tiles on the floor

Look at me when I talk to you,
For it seems we're closer to the last time I do,

A flame is extinguished or spreads like wildfire,
I've been burning low, just so you know,
It didn't seem like you noticed

I've learnt that, you won't understand,
So, I won't even try,
I wish I could care what you thought,
Alas, I can't anymore.. sigh

Prying to be shared were my thoughts on the world,
But to you, it was always a child's dreams...
Would eventually die..

A child's misjudgements, when I tried letting you into my mind,
Only to be judged every time,
But why am I even trying to make sense of this,
Why do I even expect you to care at all?
You've tuned out already, I'm talking to a wall

You're waiting for the sounds from my mouth hole to stop
So you could fill the room with those of your own

So here, I lay down my arms,

Execute me with your saber of words,
Strike me down, behead me now,

Just to realise, your weapons now do me no harm.