“I don’t watch wrestling.” Yeah, me neither. They call it sports entertainment now for some odd reason. Have you heard of the Undertaker? Kane? Tried spitting water out of your mouth like Triple H and failed miserably? Yes, kinda, abso-bloody-lutely. The Guilt

The point I'm trying to make here is, wrestling, or the most popular wrestling promotions anyway have for decades now, been a guilty pleasure for many of us. Most of whom, don’t come and outright say it, for the fear or looking stupid. (Eerily close to liking Linkin Park.)

Stupid, why, because pro wrestling is fake? So is Breaking Bad. Doesn't make it any less entertaining. Of course, it’s fake. But almost any form of entertainment requires a certain suspension of belief. Be it kids flying on broom sticks, a guy turning into a giant green rage monster, Uday Chopra getting a girlfriend, or a guy who’s died on live television some 7 times already and keeps coming back to life with a sick entrance that’s 12 minutes long (Take that Jon Snow)(Taker did it first #TakerDidItFirst #FuckYouJonnyJonBoy #JonnyMcFattyPants). You get the point.
The quality of programming in recent years hasn't been the best or even nearly passable; I'll give you that. But there’s nothing wrong in liking it, or admiring the risk a person puts themselves through for our entertainment. Heck, Jumpy McJumpypants Jeff Hardy threw himself off of every tall structure in the arena, putting his body and well-being in incredible danger for episodes of Velocity and Heat.

A little Defence

No, it's not MMA, it's not a real fight,Taker isn't actually throwing lighting at people's willy nilly. It's a form of story telling, done by people by performing with their body. You know, like a dance.

The Pleasure

The art of pro wrestling has been long overdue to get the respect it deserves. Technically speaking, it’s a well choreographed dance between extremely athletic individuals, who have very little regard for their own health and well-being over the chance to entertain the audiences around them. Be it an arena filled with almost 100,000 people, or a bar filled with 20, they give it their all, they give us their all.

A well choreographed fight scene in a movie, generally tens of cuts and numerous retakes (Unless the imbecile director is using shaky cam. Fuck those guys). Imagine something like that being created live. No retakes, no cut scenes, no fake blood. This is precision, timing and athleticism used to create poetry in motion.
These are actors working solely on body language, so much so, that some of them made seamless transitions into the big screen achieving super stardom and acclaim. The Rock, Batista, Hot Rod Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Just like any form of art, it’s completely OK to not like it, or not relate to it. This article won’t do it for the ones who don’t.
But, to the people who still do have wrestling as a guilty pleasure, who've tried to spit water and look cool, who've tried to trash talk like The Rock, and who've been stupid enough to like John Cena and used his stupid catch phrases.

Yes, it’s fake, we both know it. But if you enjoy it, and if it helps you not kill yourself, why the hell not own up to it? And in the rare case you feel people won’t get you, wouldn't take you seriously, there’s one person who will;

And His Name Is

JOOOOHHHHN CEEEENNNNNAAAA!!!!! Tu Tooo Tutooooo!!!!! Fuck you

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