“Walking a girl home after a date; A little cliché, don’t you think?”

“Probably. But I like some things old school”

“Yeah?” She smiled “Speaking of old school. Will you tell me who this chick was, you had a crush on in high school?”

“How does that matter, Radhika?” trying to play it cool “It was a life time ago”

“I still might be able to set you two up, you know”

“I’d rather you not” a mix of a faint smile and a pinch of intrigue to mask said smile on her face

“I’m pretty sure she’s happy where ever she is. Wouldn’t wanna spoil that”

“Always the taste for the melodramatic, mister”

“I don’t hear you complaining”

“Haha. You haven’t changed one bit since high school. Still the same cocky guy with an attitude, right?”

“I’d like to think I’m hotter.

“Oh, of course you are” I could only wish it wasn’t sarcasm. “So… That’s my house” she said, pointing at the only building in our vicinity. Captain Obvious.

“I live on the fourth floor”

“Do I hear an invitation?” I could only wish that was. Yes, I knew my chances ranged from zero to well.. zero.

“Hehe.. I’m not sure my room-mate would appreciate that” She said, saving us the awkardise.

Meh. Worth a try

Insert awkward small talk here

“Anyway, I should split. Not sure if we get taxis so late over here”

“Oh, you will. I’ll wait with you”

“OK” I don’t know why, but even after over half a decade of not seeing her, even the smallest act of kindness still made me giddy. And I was struggling to hide all the giddytude that was about to explode out of me. NO PUN INTENDED. Pigs..

“So.. It was nice seeing you again after all these years. I wish you were in town a little longer, we’d have hung out more”

“I’m only good in small doses, see. I’d much rather have a perfect moment that I’d cherish, than stick around to fuck things up” I said. “Not with you atleast”

“Such dramatic delivery, man” She giggled.

I looked down at my phone, and maybe for the first time, a cab arriving on time made my heart sink.

“Radhika, just so you know, you’re just as beautiful as I last saw you”

Fuck, too melodramatic

She clearly was flattered, with a pinch of awkward.

“And you just keep getting better” She smiled smugly, playing with her hair. “I wish we talked more back then”

The cab could be here at any moment. Just be happy she met you.

She likes someone else. She already told you. Back off, and be a good boy

I opened my mouth to say something, just to be interrupted by my phone ringing. The cab driver had arrived and was looking for me.

“Guess I’ve got to go now”


“It was nice seeing you again”

“We’ve been through that part already”

“Yeah”…..”In case you’re back in town, maybe we could go out for a coffee or something”.

Praying for a second date in another city. Amazing

“Sure. Just coffee”

“Radhika, I…”

“Ok, Shut up”.. “We’re out of time”.. “I had a great time tonight, and we really should’ve hung out more in high school. I dunno who this chick was you liked, but she was one lucky girl, and was stupid to let it pass”

I’m definitely hallucinating

She continued. “Umm.. Just close your eyes and pretend you’re with her, ok?”


“Just.. Will you?”.. “Ugh.. Fuck it”

I was still trying to process this, and I got a lot more to process than I could’ve half anticipated.

Her lips on mine and my mind blown to smithereens, for the magic of wishful thinking had brought to me this moment. Or maybe it was the deo I used from the commercials. Either way, I was the happiest version of me since I figured out how the internet worked.

That second could’ve lasted for ever, and I’d have accepted it as my end. But, time slows down in these moments, but never stops.

I held her by the waist as I kissed her back. I wanted to have this moment for all that it could be, before it fleeted away into the past.

For a moment there, I thought, I could just relocate here and have a nice little thing with her. For a moment I was hopeful.

I opened my eyes, as our lips let go of one other.

“I don’t have to”


“About the thing where you asked me to pretend-“

“Yeah. I got that. But..”

“Shut Up”

The thing about moments is, you can create new ones.

Also, I missed my cab

At least that's what I keep telling myself, happened.

“Ok, Shut up”.. “We’re out of time”.. “I had a great time tonight, and we really should’ve hung out more in high school. I dunno who this chick was you liked, but she was one lucky girl, and was stupid to let it pass”

"You're too kind" wtf .... what the actual fuck do I say here?


My cab's here

"My cab's here"

"Your cab's here..."

"Maybe if I'm in town again, we could do this date thing another time"

"I'd love that"

"It was nice seeing you, Radhika"

"You too.. Really"

awkward silence


"I guess I'll be going now"

She leaned in for a hug, where I put out a hand to shake.

I'm an idiot

I'm an idiot

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