Aha! Clickbaited you!

Now that you're here, you might as well read through another list while you're wasting your time at work. So here are some reasons why listicles are extremely annoying:

1.They're Not Real Writing
Listicles allow literally anyone to turn into a writer. It's like that friend of yours who buys a new DSLR camera and instantly becomes a "pro" with his own photography page having mostly just selfies and stupid pictures of kittens and coffee mugs under the garb of 'abstract' photography.

2.Almost all of them have the same content
Just google the following: top+ten+things+women. You'll know what I mean. Besides, it's not as if they plagiarise content... if you know what I mean. wink wink

3.They're forgettable
Well, do you really care about having learned about Lady Gaga's weird hairdos? Or perhaps the ten most adorable dog fails? Don't you have kitten pictures to look at?

4.They're mostly just a page full of ads with some words thrown in
Yes, that's right. Most listicles are just 10 ads on a page with 30 or maybe 40 words, just to seem like an actual article. Sometimes even the whole listicle is an advertisement.

5.They oversimplify
Nuff said.

6.They are literally everywhere
Listicles outnumber the number of potholes in Mumbai's roads now. Every third post in our feed is a listicle. You try your best to curate and outrun them but in the end, you just give up. sighs

7.The content is not necessarily true
Add some biased half-truth in one sentence and a GIF to complete the point. Done.


Like you cared whether there actually were ten reasons.