The Internet is the biggest gift man has gifted himself. Sitting at a place, he can access any information, contact anyone from anywhere on the planet, and watch porn too (Yes, definitely porn. Who doesn't love porn?). If I had to mention one particular sector or field that has benefited the maximum from the internet, it has to be the entertainment industry.

Mia Khalifa

From Anurag Kashyap to Arunabh Kumar, most of the modern day who's who of the industry owe their success to the internet. Anurag Kashyap has time and again said that he owns his career to torrents. After his first two movies as a director never seeing the light of the day (BAN! Thank you Censor Board), his career was as close to the dead end as possible. But Torrents and YouTube kept it alive. The internet audience loved both his movies, Panch and Black Friday, and we all know where he is today.

Then there was this guy, who had this brilliant concept of a show, which he took to MTV. MTV rejected the idea saying it wasn't something the audience wants. He tried some other channels as well, but how many youth-oriented channels do we really have? So frustrated by the reaction he was getting everywhere, this guy decides to make the video on his own. He calls up a few of his engineering classmates, gets a camera, and shoots his idea and uploads it on YouTube. And the video became viral overnight, thus giving birth to TVF - The Viral Fever! You can watch the video here: Rowdies

Arunabh in his own words

TVF's Qtiyapa series reached a new height of online fame, the one no one had ever seen in the entertainment industry. So much so that, the man in question here, Arunabh Kumar, is still called 'The Qtiyapa Guy.'

In the past 4+ years, they have come up with 200+ videos which include one movie and eight web series, of which Permanent Roommates and Pitchers took TVF and the online entertainment to an entirely different level. Also, TVF Pitchers is placed at #25 on the IMDb Top 250 list, a first of its kind achievement for an Indian series. They have had Bollywood superstars like Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan collaborate with them for promotions.

SRK and Arnub with a U

And all this only because they were not on TV. A year ago when they switched from YouTube to their platform, they even had their tagline changed to "It's not on TV, it's on TVF". All of this happened because of the power of YouTube and the Internet (good content also helps).

Tu Beer hai BC!

Gone are the days of TV, the Internet is here to stay. And you can see that every other media channel will soon be on the web with their individual platforms (Hotstar, Voot are already here).

Our country no longer has to remain an idiot in front of the idiot box (some still choose to). All hail, YouTube!

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Image courtesy: random internet memes and TVF