Every night before going to sleep I tuck in my earphones to my mobile or my laptop, log in to Youtube and start watching a couple of videos until I fall asleep. The videos could be a bunch of stand-up comedy, a web series or a short film and almost always the 'couple' of videos do not stop at the couple, and I end up spending at least an hour on Youtube every night. And this is not just me, 90% of the Internet citizens have a similar routine. And this is why I call our generation, the 'Youtube Generation'.

So why am I telling you all this? Because, a year ago, I saw this short film, 'Chai,' which had me bowled over by its brilliance the first time I saw it. Since then I have seen it n numbers of time, shared it with all my friends and personally made most of them sit down and watch it.

'What is so special about it?' My friend had asked when I had messaged her the thirteenth time to have a look at it. And the answer was 'Nothing actually'. Yeah, you read it right, there is nothing special about the film, no big cast, no out of the world story. It's just a plain simple story on an incident that has happened to almost everyone, combined with very realistic acting and an approach to the presentation of it which was never seen until then in India. Something even more special about the film is that it was the debut project of the four creative geniuses behind it. Joel Thottan, Manish Khushalani, Debdeep Mukherjee and Gaurav Dharmani came together to weave stories into visuals, and hence, 'Weaver Films' was born.

'Chai,' the short film left me mesmerized as a writer, a filmmaker, and a movie enthusiast just because of the treatment of the subject and the way they have projected human emotions. The team followed it up with some excellent works as well, like 'Human,' 'Love, her' and others. But 'Chai' will remain my absolute favorite, and I am sure you will love it too.
(watch it over here).

I hope they come up with more good stuff and eventually make a feature film one day.

P.S. The actor in 'Chai' is Joel Thottan himself. Kudos buddy! You just killed it.

P.p.s. Show them your love! And us too. :)