Today was the day. Rinki woke up with a start, face beaming with an ear-to-ear smile, pulse already racing from thoughts about what lay ahead in the day. She would take the final step today.

Today was the day Mohit was going to be made aware that a girl he had been chatting and meeting since the past year and a half had fallen head over heels for him. She did not know how or when the harmless crush turned into an infatuation, and when that metamorphosed into an intense liking that pervaded her every day.

Another plan had been made the night before, to meet at a cafe the next evening. Rinki had made up her mind to be the bolder one and confess her feelings for him. She was going to have a nice, steaming cup o' coffee; let it run stale while endlessly talking about the most random things with him, and then when they are about to part, she would confess with a cute little "Listeeeen!".

Rinki did not even realise when the day passed, and the 'Trial By Fire' was now just shy of an hour away. She made sure she looked extra attractive today, making sure to wear the cologne he had complimented multiple times. She wore the floral dress he had liked so much when they had met earlier. Heck, she even washed her hair knowing how the fragrance of the conditioner used to waft through the air and draw him nearer.

Her heart could not stop racing on the whole way to the cafe. As she got out of the rickshaw, a thought passed through her mind not for the first time, about whether her heart would give up right there.

The cafe was right across the street. She could see him on the other side smiling back. Rinki could not help but smile back, all her pearly whites showing, her face completely betraying her heart, which was now beating like it had to make sure that it pumps blood to every muscle to make sure Rinki escapes from the tiger chasing her.

She was now almost all the way across the street. Just a step away from reaching the cafe.

That was when she saw a friend of hers from college walk over to Mohit, hug him, and then give him a peck on the cheek. They sat down at the table as he gestured towards Rinki to come and join them.

She could not believe what she was seeing as her heart sunk. Her throat was parched all of a sudden. Had it not been for her steely resolve to not see him feel awkward and bad, she would have broken down right there; but she had to move forward.

She took the final step. Only, the destination wasn't the same anymore.

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