“The mirror is my best friend because when I cry it never laughs.” Said the comic genius Charlie Chaplin once. Everyone out there will agree unanimously to the fact that he has been the greatest comic to have lived on this planet.

Everyone will have their own reasons to why he is the best and all of them will be true, but my reason is another quote by the great himself. “My pain may be the reason for somebody's laugh. But my laugh must never be the reason for somebody’s pain.” He was a man who understood human tendency better than anyone and used it in the best possible way. But always stood by his own opinion, no matter what. And he knew how difficult it is to entertain the audience and make them laugh without hurting a few sentiments. He managed to do it, doesn’t mean everyone does.
Coming to the recent times, everyone knows the ‘Tanmay Bhatt Snapchat row'. It is the biggest problem the Maharashtra government is facing right now. And of course, why shouldn’t it be. It involves the two greatest personalities the state has produced. Making fun of them is like insulting the motherland and also, the elections are just around the corner.

So what did Tanmay do? He made up a Snapchat story, a 10 sec video story line showing a conversation between ‘Sachin Tendulkar' and ‘Lata Mangeshkar' and anyone with a good sense of humour would have agreed that yes it was funny. But then there is a political party who is always there for the ‘marathi manoos' rights who outright went bizarre and filed a case against Tanmay. And when one political party raises an issue, others have to follow. But what about the right to freedom of speech of every individual citizen of the country. I don’t think that our Constitution gives us rights with a * mark that says ‘terms and conditions applied' Then why is there such a fuss about what a comedian said on a Snapchat story, something that only lasts for 24 hours and self-destructs.

If the issue is about hurting the image of a person publicly or hurting emotions of thousands of people. Then shouldn’t the leader of the same Marathi manoos’ party be first subjected to trial for the comments on another leader who happens to be the representative of Dalits across the state? Also, this was done in a rally where thousands were present. You can check the clip here.

This is outright funny but offensive too. But then you have to act like adults and speak for yourself like the Dalit leader did for himself (not a good attempt, though!)

a screenshot of the video

But at least he did not have his followers blindly sue the former. Similarly, this whole row would have ended if Sachin or Lataji would have come out and said that the video was funny or the video was not liked by them because we know they are greater human beings such trivial things don’t matter to them or their greatness. But they being mute is the worst possible thing they could do. They being mute gives these political loons the right to be their advocates, voicing opinions and trying to be in the limelight just when elections are around the corner. After all, they are the party who are always raising issues which is the biggest problem the society is facing.

Kiku Sharda as Ram Rahim Insan

If the people mentioned in the joke, feel offended and they disapprove of it, it is understood. But a third person commenting on it, and asking it to be banned is stupid. Reminds me of Kuku Sharda being arrested for imitating a God-man not so long ago.

It's an obvious thought after all of this fiasco, but do we Indians really have a sense of humour?