This article is in continuation to the article The Mollywood Revolution-I posted earlier on the site.

In this cricket-obsessed nation, where the IPL is a 2-month long festival and Sachin Tendulkar, the God of a 100 million people; I am pretty sure no one has missed its ad. It has a whole carnival going on with huge Bob heads of players and people dancing around with the song playing in the background going something like ‘pista suma kira somaari jamakiraya…’
the reason This has been the real reach of the Mollywood revolution and one man in particular (with the contribution of many others who also cannot be ignored). The man in question here is the new heartthrob of the entire South India, Nivin Pauly. For those who don’t know who he is, (I feel sad for you) you might have seen him in quite a lot of memes on Facebook. You can see a couple of them along with this article.

random troll 1

random troll 2 For someone to whom acting happened by chance, the fame and money that comes with it can be very misleading and dangerous. But Nivin has been down to earth and as simple a human being as he was the day he quit his IT job to pursue a career in acting. His simplicity is not just off screen but on screen as well. (now some of you would be thinking this guy wrote it in reverse. No.) His simplicity onscreen has been the reason he is being mentioned in this article when there are others as well who are equally responsible for the ‘Mollywood revolution.'

He has been promoting more and more new talents, doesn’t think twice before working with a debutant director or a challenging experimental script. He believes the audience will accept good cinema even if it is a new director or an unusual script. And he has proved it over and over. His last 9 movies have been superhits, 3 of them being amongst the ten highest grossing Malayalam movies. And the best part, all of them (except 1) have been by a debutant director or someone directing their second movie. So what is his secret?
Girls can't resist the charm The answer is simple. Pretty much nothing! All he does is simply live the character. Okay, it is not that simple. One does not simply make a character come to life and make you believe that you are watching and loving a character and not the actor unless you are Nivin Pauly. He has played a geeky IT professional, a middle-aged villager who strives to give his son decent cricket coaching, a typical 'bad boy' backbencher college student & an honest and courageous police officer in successive movies and convinces everytime that he is that character. Such is his ability to adapt. And as Stanislavski once said, "Acting is all about adapting and reacting." So his acting prowess along with his dedication and charm has taken him where he is today.
Nivin's fan moment Also, I don't know why, is it his charm, his story or his style, but he reminds me of Shah Rukh Khan of the 90s. Only time will tell if he becomes the king of Mollywood or not. Until then let's just hope we get more wonderful movies and characters from him.

P.s. Girls you will love him. ;)

P.p.s. Do watch his films if you haven't yet.