Historical Purpose

The purpose of school has been historically to get us ready for the rest of our lives by bestowing valuable information upon us; that’d help us function well in society. And yet we come across so many cases of individuals peaking in school and never amounting to much when real life comes knocking. On the flipside, we do come across the crap tons of dropouts who actually make it huge.

The Problem With Education Today

The education system that we have today is just a mishmash of stuff we’ve weaved up over the centuries, most of which have literally no use in almost anybody’s life. I’m looking at you, Algebra.

Questions pop up when you think about it. What makes a successful and well-adjusted human being? And how much of a role does a school play in it? Does it at all?

Think about it. What has helped shape you more? Your biology class that embedded onto your mind, that mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell? Or the time you bunked class to go see that movie? Or that time you scored the winning goal for your team? Or that time you asked someone out for the first time?

Don’t answer. I don’t care about your sad life.


The education system that we’re all familiar with had been made in the wake of the industrial revolution, where the average adult worked in factories and needed at least a basic knowledge of math and science. The average adult today, plays Pokemon Go and cries himself to sleep because of how empty he feels inside.

Simply put, the job market today is vaster than it was a couple of centuries ago, where the skill sets required are almost completely ignored or even discouraged in school.
When a person has a clear talent in music, students lose the chance to learn it at school after what? 8th grade? Instead focusing on the cellular structure of a piece of apple?

While we're at it, what has the system done anything for the writers, directors, entrepreneurs, and chefs?

Leaving the job part aside, an education should help a person in their day to day life too, right? Then why are the most high-scoring kids in most classes, the most clueless about the real world? Having a lack of social skills and a bad understanding of empathy will not help a person function in society, would it? It'd instead make for a selfish individual who would only understand the praise for his work with a lack of empathy to help the one's under-performing around them.

Education should always have focused on a better functioning, highly productive, and happier society, rather than mindless jobbers.

Enough with hating on what we have, the solution is an order. And I don’t have one really. What I do have are a few ideas.

Ideas For Change

The system we have today can be trimmed off of the excess fat it carries. Math, Biology, and Physics can be trimmed down significantly and not change shit about how we function today.

Lose the advanced trigonometry and calculus to make room for Taxes. That’s something almost all of us have to deal with, isn’t it?

The average human has the hardest time understanding two people. Himself and Everyone else. Knowing the microscopic structure of a plant cell can surely be replaced by a proper SexEd coupled with a healthy dose of psychology and sociology and not the stupid crap they teach in college either, but things we can use in real life. The reasons behind someone’s bad attitude, the reason our relationships might fail or be so hard on us, if known, will result in a more satisfied human being, and in turn be happier and more productive.
Basic first aid and dealing with seasonal illnesses should definitively make their way into the curriculum, for that has nagged all of the humanity for ever.

Look, I can sit here and give a whole syllabus that I’ve thought of, but it’d be nothing but intellectual masturbation.

What we need here is a change in attitude towards our system and a way to make our voices heard. I’ve got neither. But in case you get the chance, here’s a summary.

Throw away the stuff you don’t use in real life (Advanced Physics, Math, Biology, Dates in History)

Add the stuff that’d help us become better functioning human beings (Emotional Intelligence, Psychological Awareness, Understanding the meaning and the consequences of the actions of our predecessors, and Cooking)

Moreover, students must be analyzed by adults to see where their skills lie and if said skills also make them happy. A nudge towards the right direction and higher number of optional subjects make for a much higher chance of making a productive member of the society.

In the words of Pink Floyd, “Hello! Is there anybody in there?”