She was sitting right beside me. I tried to calm her down and talk to her, and attempted to making her see my point.

And that was my undoing.

It felt like Mike Tyson had just landed a right upper hook on my face. At that moment, I realised that when she is at the peak of Mt. Anger, the last thing you want to do is attempt to make her see your point of view. Not only was it counter-productive, it led to the tectonic plates colliding and Mt. Anger suddenly rising higher.

Yes, if the above seems eerily similar to flying a spacecraft straight into the Sun, you aren't wrong.

There is Bruce Banner, who metamorphoses into Hulk when he gets angry, and then there is she. When she gets mad, even Hulk seems puny. If she is furious, all laws of nature cease to exist, putting it into the league of black holes.

Image credits: Pexels

An invisible force-field is generated around her. It isn't impenetrable but boy, should you think twice, and twice again.......before not entering it. Should you choose to be blockhead like I was, you are solely responsible for the resulting consequences.

When she did get mad, the first question in my head invariably was,


I scoured through the entire conversation that had transpired and everything that I had done. Of course, it did not lead to an answer and I quickly abandoned the quest for it; there were more 'steaming' issues at hand, and then suddenly, I had an epiphany- I had trespassed into the force-field and foolishly tried arguing my case.

I guess the force-field is there for a reason. So this time, I decided to try an approach that would be more lenient towards my ass. I stayed away till the field disappeared or at least diminished in strength, so I could give it a lucky shot.

I waited and then waited some more till I felt that it was safe enough to enter. I entered the danger zone and to my relief, I wasn't blown away by any sudden burst of anger. I could still feel the risk looming over my head, though. Fancy walking on stepping stones across a river infested with crocodiles. I had to be calm and listen. Then I finally asked her to wear my shoes and see my side. And voila! It worked. I had successfully made it across the river.

When she gets mad, she won't always make sense. She might give you a hard time. You will be frustrated. You will want to bang your head against the wall. You would wish that she didn't exist. It will be arduous. It will be confusing. Sometimes it will make you want to pull your hair out.

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But in the end, when you have ploughed your way through it all, and see her smile again, that is when you realise it is all worth it. You accept it and learn to live with it because you know that the reward is going to be sweet. She can be unpredictable, eccentric, loving and fascinating; calm as the equatorial sea, as well as sometimes being the personification of a supernova. She can be all of that.

Yet you just can't do without her. Even when she is mad.