“Why are we here?”

“Who are we?”

“What happens when we die?”

Over the course of human history, we found a way to calm our minds, with concepts that let these existential questions rest in the depths of our subconscious mind. Faith in a higher power or the concept of God comes from maybe a profound need to find meaning. Meaning in everything.

God seems to be as good an answer as any.

Faith in God, as a higher power has been a part of our culture since the inception of human civilization. From worshiping all that’s not us in Rig Ved, to worshiping a single Creator in the Bible, there has always been a higher force that we’ve found to believe in. How about we focus on the reason we’ve so dearly needed it over the millennia.

The need to define a higher power probably has its origins in the inception of human self-consciousness. I figure we’re the only species that care to ask questions like, “Why are we here?” “Who are we?” “What happens when we die?” and so on and so forth. But we never found out. We never found a definitive answer. Not yet anyway, and not sure if we will.

“How was the world created?” “God”

“Who are we?” “Creations of gods in their image.”

“Why does it rain?” “Rain God”

“Why is it sunny?” “Sun God”

“What happened to Krrish 2? “God knows.”

We’ve come to know of quite a few things though, haven’t we? We know how and why and when it’s gonna rain. We’ve learned rain doesn’t respond to dances. We’ve learned that the earth revolves around the sun, and that it’s not the sun that’s moving, but us. No answers on the Krrish front though.

In Accountancy, a suspense account is created when the books don’t tally. It contains the amount of difference on any side netted off to settle to books. You’d later try and find the contents of such difference and set it off over time.

The concept of God has been the suspense account of the known nature. And as we go on setting it off with answers, we must diminish the importance of the concept per se.

As we go on learning the meaning of things around us, and keep on learning about them, we must understand the reason the concept of faith was created, and let go of the related notions attached to the concept, now revealed.

It's not easy letting go what we've held so dearly for so long. But, curiosity is what has helped faith come into being, and it's what made it evolve. We owe it to the generations to come, our knowledge over our assumptions.

So they know what we know, and yet stay curious to know more. Maybe the answers will continue to lead us somewhere.